Let's Fix Meridan Congestion.

Like you, I live locally with my wife Sally and our three children who all attend Meridan State College. 

For years as your State MP, I have worked with the Meridan State College administration team and the P & C to obtain safety improvements to the roads around Meridan State College, whether it be the additional turning lane, funding for lollipop ladies and lads, fencing, new footpaths and pedestrian crossings.  

However, I travel Parklands Boulevard most days and share your frustration about the traffic congestion.

Despite the traffic issues, Sunshine Coast Council has continually approved new developments in the area and has now allowed a service station development with an entry and exit at traffic lights that will clearly have safety ramifications for people, particularly children.

Enough is enough!

I am calling on the Council to immediately fund a solution to the traffic issues. The only way we will achieve the upgrades is to campaign for it. Although Parklands Boulevard is a Council road, I am also calling on the State Government to contribute to get this done faster. Road Delay – No Way!  

Please sign my petition calling on the Sunshine Coast Council and State Government to fix the mess, end the congestion, and fund the vital road upgrades. 


Jarrod Bleijie MP
LNP Member for Kawana

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